domingo, 5 de junio de 2022

Nostalgic Hot Topic Wish List


So today I am updating you with some of my wish list items from Hot Topic. 
Somehow, the USA and apparently all the kids now have a thing for stuff from my teens. My OG early 00s teenage self has resurged a bit since my last trip to the store. I got a hot cash coupon and I was just browsing what to get for when I'm able to use it next month. 
I am thinking, I need to be wise with my purchases now, and plan ahead and overall be truthful to what I really wear on a daily basis. 

First things first, it all started when I went into the store to get some t-shirts. Most of the people working are like 16 or so, so I went full grandma mode on them. I told them that it was weird to me seeing this things being popular and mainstream again... So of course I drooled over the classic red and black stripped Skelanimals hoodies. 

I got two tees to start with, oversized to be worn with boyish and more relaxed fits. The best part was they where like 10USD each! Scored, cuz I'm fucking broke right now. 

I know my preferences are all over the place, but I have many alter egos apparently.

My "Maybe Get" List

Pouches are always useful, I can never have enough for on-the-go make. 

I collect cool t-shirts, cuz that's all I can wear without fucking up at work.

Need new summer shoes for everyday.

I saw the exact same thingy on Shein for half the price, but I might get it for a photoshoot or look book. Strawberries and these types of accessories remind me of good ol' Fruits mag. I can see them paired with clear sun glasses and oversized jeans. 

I have been using a boring stud for my nose, so a couple of these might be what I need. 

So? What are your recent booms? Has any nostalgic character been in your mind lately?


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  1. Uala están entrando en un rabbit hole de los 00s bastante chungo ya xD No esperaba ver Gloomy Bears y Skeletanimals -que no me gustaban NADA- siendo populares de nuevo.

  2. Es muuuy bizarro ver estas cosas en Hot Topic de nuevo, pero estoy segura que no van a durar un segundo lol.... Es medio feo ver lo rapido que pasan las tendencias ahora, duran un mes a lo mucho;;;; Yo si fui muy fan de Gloomy Bear y me moria por ropa de HT, pero era muy pobre lol.

    1. Literal. Amigas mías que tienen tiendas se niegan a llevar tendencias porque es penoso lo poco que llevan...0 commitment


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