lunes, 25 de octubre de 2021

Sunday and Shopping at Daiso and Tokyo Central

Hello friends and family(?) Today is all about my Sunday retail therapy at Daiso and Donki. I mentioned a few posts ago that I wanted to cook and make more bento. I felt inspired by my coworker who is an awesome cook. Also, taking advantage of my need for more lifestyle activity(?) I also did my makeup and chose a comfy yet cute dress I usually only wear during October.

My makeup for the day 
Working on my eyemake and forcing myself to use up my lower lashes

My outfit

I overdid it this weekend, but I had intentionally planned to go to this area to shop. So we started by going to Daiso. Here the Sanrio and Disney stuff was too cute to resist.
Not many ppl know that I used to not like Hello Kitty as much (I'm more into Keroppi and Pompompurin)... I'm a sucker for nostalgia and I've been warming up to her.

 Here is my haul from Daiso. No instore photos because it was packed.
Bento letter cutter/bento box/soup container/My Melody qtip container/HK drainer/HK head massager/Salad dressing dispensers/ Panda bento liners

Then Lunch happened at one of our fave Japanese restaurant. Funny note, a waitress here reminds us every time and she got so friendly with my mom she slapped her back once loool.
I had unagi don, because it's tasty and easier to eat with braces 

On to more shopping 

So apparently I never noticed the relationship between my local Japanese market and Donki. They recently made some changes to their layout and I went to check it out. They have 3 different stores in 1 lot. One us fir groceries, meet and produce and home goods. 

I've been there many times, so the only thing that surprised me was that Donpen (the blue penguin looking mascot) was plastered everywhere. Forgot to take a photo, but here's his companion Donko???
Everything was well arranged and there was full stock of everything. A whole isle was just Sanrio goodies, but I had to resist the urge.

I always have the best of times looking at packaging, since it gives me a lot of inspo for work. I was looking to get lashes or something, but nothing seemed to be what I needed. So... I bought this curler for my bangs. I think it's a pretty cute concept. You plug it in with its charger and it heats up.

My sister and I were out of energy, so we recharged with some soft serve♡

My grocery haul for the week. I'm going to try and shop more meat there.

Then I prepared some dinner for me and my roomie, cuz he always cooks for everyone and I wanted to try as well. 

I made some gyudon, since it was fairly easy to do. Also added some cucumber with ponzu sauce♥

Now is time to go! Beucase it's cold, rainy and I am being eaten by a random ass mosquito! 

This week I'll update with a couple of ideas I have :) a makeup step by step is coming up♥ 



domingo, 24 de octubre de 2021

Eventful Saturday 💖

I feel asleep last night before updating. I was watching some Riverdale before I KO.

Yesterday was eventful? I guess? Since I'm trying my best to do daily blogs, this wasn't an exception.
I started my day with some Vietnamese style iced coffee from my fave please. It's a short walk and they also have really good sandwiches on the weekends. I like this selfie cuz I look a bit androgynous and I do love my naked face as well.
Some random sticker on the crossing.

After my walk got home and my Mercari package had arrived!
So happy I have my first LL and it fits amazingly! 
I got a bit too ambitious, because this dress looked as stretchy as the other LL one but me big tatas did not fit. So I'll be giving it away to one of my friends most likely.

I still have one more item, but now I'm looking into getting top pieces to coordinate with. 
I'm thinking of coming up with a set wardrobe and rotate every 6 months or so.
To be honest I have so many regular clothes, but I'm sentimentally attached to so many of them. However, I have to be strict and clean up my closet. 

(# ̄□ ̄)o━∈・・━━━━☆Moving on....
Then I bleached my brows 🤣🤣🤣 and I looked really red... ugh!
and tried to stream my makeup process, but my internet was shit and my FPS kept dropping t.t so I gave up... I was so upset ヽ( `д´*)ノ

Did odango, cuz I'm shit with my hair skills xD
Ideally wanted to wear this, but my mom picked me up to help her out with Uber Eats, so I had to walk and handle food...
i need more help with casual coords, cuz I'm all or nothing... awkward pose and all, this top is cute... but wish it was pink.

Makeup closeup...
I'm fiddling with finding a new go-to "sweet" makeup. Since my eyemake is usually more sexy/dark. Ignore the white, I've always been a huge advocate of the none-white-liner... but I tried to clean up my droop... and I will definitely be using concealer next time.

So this was my Saturday... and them I'm behind on my Sunday's post, which is a bit more colorful. 

Hope you had a lovely weekend!(♡°▽°♡)



viernes, 22 de octubre de 2021

Phone Blog #4: (。•̀ᴗ-)✧ Ramen and Spooky looks

Spooky season is here, obviously? So here I am once more with a lunch post. I have 10 minutes so IDK if I'll be able to make it (lol).

Today I did poorly with food... but this weekend it's time for grocery shopping. 
I'm cold! So I am snuggled with a heating unit on my back and a blanket on my lap. Ramen sounds really fulfilling tbh.
I wanted to share my look from yesterday's stream. It was a freaking mess, but some photos came out looking so cute!
both eyes have completely different looks... but I guess that was on purpose???? 
This wig is so nice! It looks really natural and it doesn't tangle that much.
I was a maid that had seen just too much~☆
some deco! Since I found out that my tablet pen works on my phone I'm a whole mew woman. I've been into the low quality and nonsense of editing.

Also, can't wait to see other GyaruGo gals share their looks for this season. I will be posting them on our fb page so please make sure you follow us to support (here)

I will be sharing more Halloween stuff, since I have one more look planned for next weekend 

Until then!



jueves, 21 de octubre de 2021

Phone Blog #3 Life Style Wishes

Happy Friday's Eve everyone!(๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ 
We have almost made it thru the week. Today I'm writing once more from my phone, trying to not fall asleep cuz I just had lunch ( ̄ρ ̄)..zzZZ 
I am getting into the idea of cooking more for myself and experiment looking for cute and quick meals. Once thing I've learned about myself is that I need to get excited about dayly tasks, otherwise I don't do them at all. So bento prep and making food look and taste great us a goal of mine. 

Here's today's creation! ヽ( ˋ(00)´ )ノlooks so cute! But is my first time cooking spam and I'll definitely try again. Since it's way too salty, I'll pair up with spicy food so it balances out. 
Needless to say, I'm going to hit Daiso probs this weekend so I can get cute bento accessories. Then I'll have more to show you in this blog ( ̄(ω) ̄) Don't mind me, just practicing so I can one day cook for my girlfriend. She always cooks for me when she visits, I just help and wash dishes. 

╰( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )つ──☆*:・゚
I also wanted to share these flat irons I got at work, lol. They are some old deadstock items from the early 2010s I'm pretty sure.

Look at those monckeys! So tacky and cute I love them! They are actually good quality and I'll be giving as a present to a friend.

Also, wanted to share my wishlist for my room. I'm debating weather to rearrange my room on a smarter way. I have to deep clean once more... probably November will be a good time to do so.
So far these could count as an upgrade. I'm thinking on going vertical and maximize the space usage. My room is so tiny... I wish I had my own apartment, but here in California roomies are the only solution. 
Right now my room is so messy lol, but it's my fault for accumulating junk! 

Anyhow, time to go now! 

Hope you had a lovely day!

(ノ>ω<)ノ :。・:*:・゚’★,。・:*:・゚’☆


martes, 19 de octubre de 2021

Phone Blog #2: Sexy Bear Coord+ Just some Thoughts

Quick update! The week just started but I am enjoying lunch and I wanted to share with you♡
my coworker made us some green curry for lunch 💖 It suits this cool weather so much. I love it! I'm a bad cook, but I would like to learn making heartwarming meals too!

Today's mood was sexy bear secretary kkkkk 🐻 cuz I love this sweater so so so much! I always say that is easier to layer things up♡
Sweetshirt from Aliexpress? Or Shein? IDK.
Also, I thought my legs were chubbier but damn... I'm literally serving it today 🤣

I hate the cold, but I found a friend💖

Today I wore lashes again, cuz I am making myself use up all my makeup. 
Wish I had really comfy lenses, because I work 8+ hours in front of a computer TT 
I feel naked without lenses tbh....

(/ ̄(エ) ̄)/
On a change of topic, I wanted to address some stuff. I guess it doesn't pretend to a lot of people, but I feel better letting it out. This is just my experience, but the international com seems to be slowly going back to the old days. I think it never totally changed, but it appears to be as unsafe as back in 2009. 
Now, I know I'm not a popular gal, but I have been into gyaru long enough has been so so so hard to leave the comfy and safe area that the Latinx and Hispanic community has provided for me. I just can't understand how is there still a place for hate and backstabbing? It just saddens me immensely. There are many gals working to change it for the best... but I feel like cultural breaches never closed for us. I know I'm not alone with this idea... so I'm going to start taking some measures for my mental well-being. I'm not leaving gyaru, but I'm going to work on enjoying it more. Nothing would change to others that see me online, but I'm going to work on charging my own mindset towards the style.
We are not teenagers, at least most of us are full grown a$$ gals. 

I'm thankful for the sweet sweet ppl I have a chat with everyday. I'm going to keep nurturing the Spanish speaking community and the ones that understand that fashion and style is also there to enjoy. Too bad some decide to hide behind a keyboard and love to live thru others 
(_ _*) Z z z

OKAY! Time to work now ♡♡♡♡



viernes, 15 de octubre de 2021

Phone Blog #1: Casual looks for work

Let's try something way more casual and nostalgic. I have been reading old Crooz gyaru blogs and it seems like I had forgoten what blogs were meant to be for me.
So instead of a curated and planned post, I'll keep it casual with weekly or daily phone blogs.

This week my main focus is to use up my wardrobe to the max. I still don't want to wear any of my brand stuff for work, because I'm afraid they will get dirty. I work with makeup and pigments all day, so things can definitely go south real quick.

I did my makeup everyday, even if it was just eyeliner and foundation. Since I broke my glasses and the spare ones fall off my face;;;

Lately Himena is in my mind soooo much. Now I want to follow her old hime era as a lifestyle thing or something. I want to do everyday princess looks! 
However, I have a mullet and I need to grow it so I can style it better. 
Look at her! I got to try looks like this for winter.

I've had many booms, and always stuck to bolder ones... and I probably will still do it, but I want a balance and a change. Let's see how that goes (´。• ᵕ •。`)

For now these are my looks (not really gyaru) of the week:

My eyelids are a floppy canvas kkkk
I'm really into these liners from work 

Outfits for yestersay and today: 
Sweatshirt: Alie/Skirt:Shein/Shoes: Ozono/Fishnets: Shein
Sweater: ???/Skirt: Ralph Lauren/Socks: Shein/Shoes: FILA
(눈_눈) I definitely need cutest sneakers and comfy everyday flats that are not so sporty.

Also! I have stuff coming up from mercari 
(ಡωಡ)! Ñehehe~ and I'm hoping they all come soon!

In a different topic, yestersay was my 3rd year Anniversary with my luv 💖
I'm so lucky! She's so sweet and we sent each other flowers in our day.
Can't wait to go visit over the holidays!

Anyway... please take care of yourselves! And have a boozy weekend (✧∀✧)/

Bye bye!



Sunday and Shopping at Daiso and Tokyo Central

Hello friends and family(?) Today is all about my Sunday retail therapy at Daiso and Donki.  I mentioned a few posts ago that I wanted to co...