martes, 28 de junio de 2022

My experience: BTS PTD Tour 2021


Note: This is an entry from November 2021 that I never posted, but I'm posting now cuz I can't forget this really special day!

I started by packing so I could do my makeup while driving up to LA. I had a tiny (giant) meltdown because I didn't like how I looked in my outfit...

I sure love to bring my whole room with me. I'm so messy... but not the "hehe" kind of messy. I try!! OKaAy?!

The outfit
Sweater, coat & boots: Burlington
Skirt: Shein
Bag: Amazon
Accessories: Bt21 from Line Store and Hot Topic

My makeup was of course blue! I've been bugging everyone about it! I hate my nose contour, but thankfully it was a mask-on kind of day. My eyes did not agree with my lenses that morning.

When we arrived at Inglewood there was this Billboard for JK right outside where we had lunch. 

Never been to this stadium before, but it was huuuuge and it looked like a UFO.
Everyone was so fashionable! I loved seeing so many cute and stunning coords! 
Next concert I'll do a blue Hime look for sure! I was so shy, that I opted for a more grown-up look (in my eyes it looked more onee).

My sister is a Jhope stan, but she also loves Suga and Tae. Beware of this disgustingly weird angle. 
Notice how the sky was so clear and beautiful! Like it cleared out just for them.

We took turns sitting and squatting in the queue.
Our feet were killing us! I am sure it wasn't just us. I wanted to crawl to the car and take my feet off like a Bratz Doll.

I'm an amazing photographer! See how even the lighting is just perfect? She also looks like she needs help.
Her outfit was cute too! All black of course!

Once inside we went to buy merch, but the line was taking forever. The poor worker looked so over it. Normally merch ppl are not fans or anything like that. 

I got my army bomb, a t-shirt and some pillow cases. I am really picky about what I buy and hang in my room, so I didn't buy a poster.

The view from our sits! It was a weird angle, but nice enough to see them really close. 

Took some videos, but not too many. I was trying to catch a glance at them as much as possible.

The highlights of the concert were:
-Namjoon and Tae cursing!
-Jin came out with his cute flower hairstyle.
-They played older songs and I wanted to cry.
-JK jumped over a giant balloon and fell over.
-The army bombs' color coordination is so breathtaking. Even brighter than the previous concert. 

Anyway! I can't wait to see them again, they make me feel so energized and revived.

domingo, 26 de junio de 2022

Spiced Up Saturday+LIFE UPDATE


I am keeping my strike with blogging mundane but interesting things so far. I gotta say, emotionally shit has been tough these days. However, I feel like I'm more calm and collected than I would have been last year. My motto right now is:

"Life is shit, but is up to me to handle how I react."

I give permission to myself to feel sad and cry if it's necessary, but I must keep walking and figuring out how I want to live my life.
I'm turning 30 this year, it feels like as painful as shit is I am growing and giving myself what I truly deserve. 
This is the selfcare route I chose and the people who are to grow with me will stay and the ones who are not there yet... we might meet later o we might not.

On to how my Saturday went...
I  had to do some analysis for my thyroid, and TBH weight conversations and Drs. who love to call me "chubby" truly trigger me....

So I decided to wakeup early and cheer myself up with pink eyeshadow. Pink will always be there to fill me up with all the energy and strenght I need...

I could not find my lenses, so I used contacts instead.

After the bloodwork and the other tests I found out I could not go to my appointment since the results were not ready until later that day. However, I got an email with my tests and so far everything looks great. I still need to do other tests next Saturday, but I am sure there's going to be a solution to my situation.

Then we were starving, so my mom and I decided to go to Paseo Chapultepec to try this restaurant we saw on Google. The plaza is really fancy, it reminds me of Polanco in Mexico City... It was actually designed by a friend of my mom's inspired by the plaza I just mentioned. 

Lorenza Tijuana is such a pretty place!

The restaurant itself was more of a Mexican fusion and the mixed drinks as well as 

Then I went home and decided to clean up my messy bed. I need to start organizing and donating old stuff... because we might move out of this apartment soon. 
I'm both worried and excited, because it means I get to decorate a new room and probably have more space to go back to streaming and doing art.

Next weekend is a Holiday, I will use it to store things I don't use as often.

What's in my bag....after I threw away all the junk and changed my wallet.
Daiso has so many scores! Like the My Melo cosmetic bag. 

Then I decorated my meds' organizer... because I have to be that bitch and I'm entering into a deco era.

And finally to close the day, my sister found this Alice in Wonderland tea set while thrifting. So she came all the way over to my house to give it to me! It's original and really cute!

And that's my update, hope to bring more interesting things this week!
Time to unwind and do some crafting.


jueves, 23 de junio de 2022

Time to Become Stronger >:)


I've been working out a little this week, I went from not able to do a warm up to slowly increase the time. To be honest I am not sure if it's just about my physical endurance or my brain not wanting me to continue.... but going past the 15 minute mark is so stressful... Regardless, I will keep trying.

My goal not really about losing weight, more like pushing my self to endure walking and standing for longer. My life is pretty sedentary, because my job is being glued to my desk for 8 hours. Also, for anxiety attacks it's supposed to aid as well...

This summer I have a work trip to Las Vegas and it would be nice for me to not get as exhausted as the previous times. Working at an expo means a 8 to 6 day, plus the work dinners afterwards. I have been to this expo twice already and I want to feel my best.

Also, it doesn't help that everyone there is super fashionable and hot.. like seriously a lot of sales people are incredibly polished and make me feel a bit odd.

I have some shopping planned for this event and I hope to work on myself to feel more energetic and hot.
I'm not a sales person... but I think the brains and kindness I bring to the team would be better displayed if I looked spotless.

I will update you with my progress and some related entries about the coords I want to take! Hope to make myself proud!

Now that's it for today! Time for some gaming before bed!

PS: Did you like my new banner?


miércoles, 22 de junio de 2022

Retail Therapy Daiso Gets!


Today's update is about my shopping today. I went to work as usual and afterwards my sister and I went to eat to our favorite Japanese Dinner place. We had some beers, takoyaki, karage and I ordered soba since summer is here. 

After eating and chatting we went to Daiso to get some really needed shopping endorphins. I would say I'm doing good with my shopping, but I still needed the distraction.

Some microwave rice, which is actually good on a pinch. I have not tried this brand, but we will see if it's not too bad. I also love seaweed as a snack and since most of my coworkers enjoy this types of things I share with them too.

The Sanrio collection is getting out of hand... like I need everything every time I go into that isle.
I contained myself and got this heart cookie mold to do some clay and decoden with.
For my resin and journaling I got this tiny stickers.

Pooh is been lately on my radar since I went to Disneyland... Also, a picnic mat can be used many ways! I can't wait to organize a picnic and make cute snacks. Also it could double as a photo background...

Some puffy stickers for my gf. She loves Baymax so much!

For my personal care I got this cleanser from work, since I ran out and I like it so much. It's great and gentle with all skin types. I have been working with this project since 2019, so it would be nice to give it a recommendation boost. 

This is it for today....I'm so tired, but I look forward to posting in here. Now I'm off to fill in my journal entry....

Truth is things are never 100% okay, so I can give it my all and continue being resilient. I hope for everyone to have the strength to see tiny good things who are worth being here.  

I'll see you next time!


martes, 21 de junio de 2022

Crafting Inspo + Gets

Today's update is about my current obsession with Sanrio Puroland tags!
I just can't with these, they are so cute and the colors are so bright!
Since I'm not going to Japan any time soon, I decided to get a bit crafty and inspired with these.

I really want to make something cute, hope my idea comes to completion without many errors.

These came in the mail today and I just ordered some resin to get crafty.

Some molds and deco pieces from Alie! I am super excited about these molds!

Then not related to the tag, but I wanted a new black POSCA since the other one I have doesn't do thick lines. I swear on these markers, they are God sent!

Anyhow... time for bed now!


My experience: BTS PTD Tour 2021

 Hi!  Note: This is an entry from November 2021 that I never posted, but I'm posting now cuz I can't forget this really special day!...