domingo, 25 de abril de 2021

April Gyaru Gets + Life Update (bit of a messy long post)


So I have been doing too much retail therapy (is there ever too much?). I got a little down because of my health and this affected me a little bit mentally. On top of that, work has been a bit of a mess... I wish I could resolve issues quickly, but in my position so many things could go south. I realized that having more responsibility will help me grow quickly, but dang it's stressful. This is why (after a shitty shitty and painful week) I've decided to focus on personal stuff that actually makes me happy. One of those things is to do more gyaru related content and even if I don't do my makeup everyday, I am working towards a better a more complete lifestyle. I started this blog and also focused myself into starting my own stream in Spanish, to chat and spread the gyaru word.I want to overall try my best at making more connections and joy for myself (and others). Soon I will try my best to make some YouTube videos, since I've seen many gals go back there. Nothing is aligning as I planned, but I'll just relax and go with the flow~

An accurate depiction of how life's been lately... Adding having COVID arm cuz of the vaccine.

So much complaining and talk... I guess you came cuz you wanna know what I've spent my money, right? There are more things waiting on the mail, that I accidentally sent to my dad's house which is in the other side of the country (OTL). These are from several places, so IDK how to even divide them. 

Ordered 3 or 4 of these bows on Aliexpress, but only this one has arrived so far...

Building my arts and crafts projects... stuff from Walmart and Alie as well.


Thrift Good Will finds, which are simple but I wanted to customize. I think the basket style purse can be made into a hime one with a lof of frill. The gown was a random thing, but I have nothing of this type on my closet. Maybe I'll have a kyaba inspired look soon or just go to Las Vegas and get drunk wearing this! The pumps could go with anything, but I plan on making some clips for when I want to match them with a fit. 

Dream V or whatever they are called now....Can't keep up.

This dress said Lis Liza, but the actual tag said "Black Ageha". Please someone clear this for me... I know LL has many labels, but??? Anyways, I bought it cuz it's gorgeous and it fits my a$$

Look at this! I'm in heaven ♥

*Chef's kiss*

Dishonorable mention.... which did not fit my big a$$ boobies

Some 2009 Feb-March Popteen. I have to confess this was my fave year ever. Might do a flip thru.

My Japan gets.... OMG, I really payed a lot of money for this shit. Like I am really happy and angry at the same time? I was so stupid to use buyee and NEVER AGAIN. Like fees upon fees that don't even make fucking sense gaaaaaAAaa!
However, I'm happy to have snatched my dream print from AP. I have never worn lolita... but like....I can't pass Marie up? I am about to make a whole coord with only Marie stuff.... like Disney commanded me to do so. 

See where this is going? They are preparing me for the park's reopening.

Disney needs to stop feeding me Marie stuff, because I'm out of room and I can's stop it. Also, cute top for a cute outfit I have in mind! At this rate I'm not a gyaru anymore... just call me #disneycore XD

Anyways, I'm going now cuz this makes no sense and it's getting weird....

I'm super tired at 2 AM (almost), raging on my keyboard. I meant for this post to be serious, but it turned into a ranting haul? XD Maybe I should totally make haul videos and make them more entertaining?.... 

Anything in you recent gets you regret? Also, please let me know if you're interested on seeing a mega haul vid with these pieces and what I have waiting on the mail still?



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Hime Gyaru Look #1 + Short Life Update



So I have been dreaming, eating and talking about Hime ever since last time you saw me here. I am almost so sick of myself at this point, because I was about to not do this today. 

Then I was thinking really hard on what gal content I needed to make for here and insta. Since I was sick I had almost no energy to do makeup at all nor take care of myself. I had also promised myself months ago that I would give Twitch a go. I feel lonely sometimes, so I think streaming can help me be more outgoing. I did a short test with some friends and I felt so awkward. I used to be energetic and loved being on camera, but the older I get the more stupid I feel. Anyways... a little Animal Crossing won't hurt anyone.

I had a really big "to do" list to finish cleaning my room, bleach my brows and take a shower... Then I did a Insta Reel and proceded to take some photos of a casual but cute bear inspired outfit and since the make was really cute... I took the chance to do one more coord. Overall, my Saturday was more productive than what I give credit to myself for. 

Also, please look at this bear pouch!!! This was a DIY Aoki and I did together while she was visiting. It's a Daiso Bear Pouch, but she made the face ♥ I did one too but mine was馃挬馃挬馃挬馃挬

Ears: Ebay
Shirt: Marshall's
Overall: Shein

Now, here comes my first official attempt at Hime. It was made with stuff I already owned, but was not confident enough to wear. The story behind this dress is that my GF commissioned two dresses for me last year. One is black and this one was supposed to be pink....  but then when I saw the actual "pink" shade it was more like an orangey/salmon color of some sort... I was both happy and sad at the same time, because the dress fit perfectly, but that pink was a bad choice. I was sad to tell my bby that I did not like the color at all, but she understood. I am just too picky about my pinks, specially when I know the actual shade I need. 

For this make I wanted rosy cheeks, really noticeable and Barbie-like. I didn't use bottom eyelashes, but still tried the droop with some eyeliner and of course tear bags♥

New pair of eyelashes from Aliexpress

This bow I had already, and since I do not own any exte right now... instead I did a little bun-bun high up. I personally think that hair is important, but mostly having bangs in the right area as well as framing pieces. I would maybe get a clip on curly pony tail and style it... I also saw some tutorials I'm trying later both on my hair and in a wig.


My cellphone was not liking me taking photos after sundown... so there are fucked up shadows everywhere. You can't see but I am wearing fishnets and some hold metal accesories … and the shoes are from Alie, but tbh they are a bit uncomfy.  

Overall, this dress has potential, but maybe we can rise the hemline, change the bow on the wait and maybe change the lace on the bottom?

I have more outfits planned, but please be nice to me since it's my first go (lol). I appreciate your concrit! 

For now that is all, I'm so tired and I want to bury my face in my pillows.... Maybe tomorrow will be a chill Sunday. 

Stay tuned for a room tour and a haul! I already started working on those posts♥



mi茅rcoles, 31 de marzo de 2021

Gyaru Life Update: Turning Hime ♥



Going back to my past in my previous post, I have revived my love for hime gyaru. I've been stuck on mercari for the past few days looking for pieces that I can snatch for myself (althought not all of them are hime). Needless to say, I made a lot of damage to my piggy bank  ....

I have been like crazy, collecting inspiration and taking a closer look to accessories to make my own as well! I have a few materials I bought and that I for sure want to use. So far I've been making simple stuff like bows and clips. I have no occasion to wear a full outfit, but I set my mind to it and maybe I can do some photoshoots for fun and for my insta! 

The idea has been in my head forever, so I want to match my personal aesthetic to what I have always envisioned. Maybe I could also do a little haul post! I'm burning with excitement! 

Now have somewhat of a mood board that I have created to keep myself focused! I also did a visi贸n board for my room and one of my goals was to do a coord, even if it's just once.

Basically, I want the classic white and pink as well as the black and pink combo. Of course there is more than that, but I want to use stuff I already own for this. Also looking for hair alternatives since hot weather is coming up and I want nothing to do with a full a$$ wig. 
As for make-up I'll try mastering that droop one more time! I need to adjust it too look more cute and puppy-like.

For the accessories I've been making... I'm mostly proud of these:

The madness has begun.... now I have to make sure all my pinks match (that's a nightmare on it's own).

These nails I actually made last year in hopes of actually doing a look all together... 

The thumb nail is actually the point and hint of what my first outfit is inspired by.... (any guesses?)

I believe I now could make these with 3D modeling uv clay... but I'm proud of my free hand drawinh and because these were one of my first sets ever! So yes, they wonky AF.

I just hope my first attempt is decent, but I will always keep trying until I feel confident about it. So please let me know how to improve my coords and stuff! 

Thanks for making it this far!

Let me know in the comments what style/trend have you been dying to try and have never dared to?



April Gyaru Gets + Life Update (bit of a messy long post)

  So I have been doing too much retail therapy (is there ever too much?). I got a little down because of my health and this affected me a li...