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April Gyaru Gets + Life Update (bit of a messy long post)


So I have been doing too much retail therapy (is there ever too much?). I got a little down because of my health and this affected me a little bit mentally. On top of that, work has been a bit of a mess... I wish I could resolve issues quickly, but in my position so many things could go south. I realized that having more responsibility will help me grow quickly, but dang it's stressful. This is why (after a shitty shitty and painful week) I've decided to focus on personal stuff that actually makes me happy. One of those things is to do more gyaru related content and even if I don't do my makeup everyday, I am working towards a better a more complete lifestyle. I started this blog and also focused myself into starting my own stream in Spanish, to chat and spread the gyaru word.I want to overall try my best at making more connections and joy for myself (and others). Soon I will try my best to make some YouTube videos, since I've seen many gals go back there. Nothing is aligning as I planned, but I'll just relax and go with the flow~

An accurate depiction of how life's been lately... Adding having COVID arm cuz of the vaccine.

So much complaining and talk... I guess you came cuz you wanna know what I've spent my money, right? There are more things waiting on the mail, that I accidentally sent to my dad's house which is in the other side of the country (OTL). These are from several places, so IDK how to even divide them. 

Ordered 3 or 4 of these bows on Aliexpress, but only this one has arrived so far...

Building my arts and crafts projects... stuff from Walmart and Alie as well.


Thrift Good Will finds, which are simple but I wanted to customize. I think the basket style purse can be made into a hime one with a lof of frill. The gown was a random thing, but I have nothing of this type on my closet. Maybe I'll have a kyaba inspired look soon or just go to Las Vegas and get drunk wearing this! The pumps could go with anything, but I plan on making some clips for when I want to match them with a fit. 

Dream V or whatever they are called now....Can't keep up.

This dress said Lis Liza, but the actual tag said "Black Ageha". Please someone clear this for me... I know LL has many labels, but??? Anyways, I bought it cuz it's gorgeous and it fits my a$$

Look at this! I'm in heaven ♥

*Chef's kiss*

Dishonorable mention.... which did not fit my big a$$ boobies

Some 2009 Feb-March Popteen. I have to confess this was my fave year ever. Might do a flip thru.

My Japan gets.... OMG, I really payed a lot of money for this shit. Like I am really happy and angry at the same time? I was so stupid to use buyee and NEVER AGAIN. Like fees upon fees that don't even make fucking sense gaaaaaAAaa!
However, I'm happy to have snatched my dream print from AP. I have never worn lolita... but like....I can't pass Marie up? I am about to make a whole coord with only Marie stuff.... like Disney commanded me to do so. 

See where this is going? They are preparing me for the park's reopening.

Disney needs to stop feeding me Marie stuff, because I'm out of room and I can's stop it. Also, cute top for a cute outfit I have in mind! At this rate I'm not a gyaru anymore... just call me #disneycore XD

Anyways, I'm going now cuz this makes no sense and it's getting weird....

I'm super tired at 2 AM (almost), raging on my keyboard. I meant for this post to be serious, but it turned into a ranting haul? XD Maybe I should totally make haul videos and make them more entertaining?.... 

Anything in you recent gets you regret? Also, please let me know if you're interested on seeing a mega haul vid with these pieces and what I have waiting on the mail still?



10 comentarios:

  1. That dress is super cute! But yea I doubt it's LL. I have never seen this in any collection as well. Sometimes people tag similiar brands so it gets bought more quickly.

    1. I was suspicious from the beginning, cuz it does look too flimsy for a LL
      So probably just because it fits the aesthetic they sell it under the tag. I feel cheated out lol.

  2. Yeah I have a feeling that isn't a Liz Lisa dress as I haven't heard of that name being part of Liz Lisa ;_; But it is super cute though!

    I hope work gets better for you and I love your positivity in incorporating gal into your every day life! <3333

    1. I mainly got it cuz it's really cute 😍 but yeah, I kind of knew it looked odd of LL.

  3. ooo those gets are super cute! my agejo brain loves the black dress lololol

    1. I've never tried agejo seriously, so now it's time to give it a go.

  4. I love love love this. And I really like the kyaba idea for that dress. An I think the same about the *allegedly* LL dress. Maybe they wanted to tag some Tralala-ish brand. But it looks super cute and that's what matters. <3

    1. A ver si resulta, tiene rato que no me peino con mas detalle...

      Y ya sé T.T ni modo, al menos está cute y me queda bien 💖

  5. Hope you're feeling much better!!!! Please do your best! ♥
    Love all the goodies you got! And yeah, one thing I learned is that a lot of sellers will place it under the tag for a certain brand but in the description will say it's "brand"-style. I have a few D.I.A. style pieces like that.

    Also yeahhhh....I never used Buyee for that reason. I heard nothing but complaints and didn't even bother so I use my own shopping service.

  6. Hi cutie! Espero que te encuentres mejor ♥

    Tengo muchas ganas de coincidir en alguno de tus streams! A ver si en alguno de ellos puedo conectarme ^^

    Me encanta el haul! yo también intento evitar Buyee, a no ser que tenga algun cupon de descuento en el shipping... sale demasiado caro todo xD JSS forever! <3

    Besitos Kiwii!!


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