jueves, 19 de enero de 2023

Last Stretch to my 30s


Well Hello? I am indeed still around and alive. 

Since July I have not posted anything and my SNS have been reduced to casual interactions and poorly taken selfies. I’ve learned a lot, a lot of low blows and high blows (and some other kinds of blows).

I gotta admit, I am a completely different person, I feel like I shed a really thick and heavy skin. Probably many skins and layers at once? I started a new chapter, because the moment I turned 29 it was clear to me how I wanted my 30s to be. I am not completely there, but we are working and the grind will never stop.

I quit a lot of things, and I started implementing others, some things did not change physically but my perspective expanded.

  • To make the story short, I broke up with a long-term long-distance partner. Ending a relationship that expanded officially 4 years (not including how long we had known each other) was obviously difficult and painful. It has been almost 6 months since that day. I chose to take my own path and regardless of everything, I am not regretting my choice or the experience I had with the person.
  • I’m a cat MILF now! I am taking care of Maya since my sister could not continue taking care of her. She has honestly made my life a newfound sense of purpose. I wake up and work with her in mind, and that keeps me grounded.
  • Got a new place, after being forcefully evicted. However, it ended up being the best choice ever made. I’m closer to work, a nicer and cleaner beautiful place… and overall, my room is huge and now I have space.
  • Surprise! I’m autistic!!! Finally spent time and resources to get a psychometric test done. I am working hard next to my therapist to understand my diagnosis better.
  • My relationship with my appearance and myself has been better. I am proud to say, that I have learned how to be assertive and kind to myself.

There are many points, but overall what changed the most has been my perspective in life. My relationship with myself was really damaged, but I can tolerate myself better. I am self-aware, really awake, and ready to continue studying myself.

Of course, I get hiccups here and there, I even am aware of my mistakes, and I am always ready to own up to them. I have no fucking clue what is in store, I can only take a guess. Fuck around and find out.


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  1. Definitivamente tener una mascota o más bien un animalito es lo más increíble del mundo 💓 mucho ánimo y a seguí adelante. Sería lindo ver un tour por tu habitación ☺️


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