domingo, 17 de julio de 2022

Sunday Thrifting

This is my Sunday blog...
This weekend I had intention to not do much and be lazy, but according to my sister I needed some fresh air.

So she and my mum pulled me out of my cave to go thrifting and to grab food.

For late lunch/early dinner we went to a ceviche Mexican restaurant chain that we actually love. My mom had some shrimp aguachile and my sister some ceviche. 

Note: Aguachile is similar lo ceviche, but it's more limey and it has some sort of  green chiles sauce. 
Then of course seafood= margarita and beer 

Mine was a Coronita Rita.... (trying saying that multiple times)

This was a michelada, but it had some tamarind in there and it was mouth watering!

Then I had a lobster burrito, because I was feeling something creamy and cheesy instead of limey.

I don't typically buy at Salvation Army, but this was a really big one and we spent like two hours checking out every isle with patience. 

These are my gets! The best part was the price, all of these items for aprox 10 USD!

Some albums to collect my cheki and purikura :) since I have too many all over the place.

This top was nice, it reminds me of something I would have worn in 2004 or something. Anyhow, needed more tops that are not graphic t-shirts.

This one could easily go over a bralette. 

This was too good to pass! I will probably use it during fall/winter which is not too far.

My coworkers and I have this thing for long skirts and joking about looking prude-ish. So I will definitely wear it to work and rock the Sunday-school teacher vibe.

It might be too big on the waist, but I can easily adjust it with some pins. 

This wrap dress will take me out of trouble for more dressy events. I don't really go to many, but this kind of print and cut looks great on my body-type.

I needed some retail therapy, but I am glad I did not go overboard. I need to document my daily outfits, at least so I can push myself to make them interesting. The fashion bug in me was fumigated long ago... I'll try to revive it somehow.

Anyways, this was a quick chit-chat I didn't plan. 
Time for bed! Have a nice week! Please stay strong and energetic!


2 comentarios:

  1. ¡Hola!

    Yo recuerdo la cartera de Mickey! Algun amigx la tuvo en su época.

    Siempre llevan en México las botellas incrustadas los cócteles?? :O

  2. oh my gosh those food and drinks look amazing! very jealous!


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