domingo, 17 de julio de 2022

V-Tuber in the Making + Weightloss update

Today's update is a collection on random thoughts and things that happened during my week.

Everything is so random, I can't even thing about a title for the post (LOL). 
First of all, I'm so excited to be so frequent with my posts since I've been extra motivated to share my journey. I am happy some people are reading my nonsense and that it's at least entertaining to 2 or 3 people! 

First we have some sort of trend that has been frequent in the Gyaru Go com! We all are in love with making our avatars in pic me crew and such.
You can make yours here 

I have been taking some medication for weight loss as my doctor recommended. At first I was scared about having to do subcutaneous injections daily, but it doesn't really hurt...  I have a long way to go for my weight goal. I just started, it's my second week with the treatment and almost a month since I started working out constantly.

I gotta say this far working out has become part of my routine and I have found some cool dances I want to try with Marla and Reila. 

My progress so far is fruitful, I feel lighter and overall excited to get to a normal size. I really don't care how long it takes me, I am really positive towards this choice I made. 
I am waiting one more month before I do a complete wardrobe change. I have to save and chose what style I want to build on. 

I was planning on what to wear this Sunday since it's Pride in San Diego. I won't party but it seems like a fun summery Cali coord with H&M hibiscus pieces.

Hat and boots found in Alie and the sweater was thrifted.

I like how my legs look in this dress lol. I still got some fire in me somehow 

Let's talk about the artsy side of my week... I got rejected at work with some proposals and it made me a bit sad, but the show must go on.

As for personal work, I have been working on a original character. This is the initial idea I have for a VTuber. I want to go back to streaming at some point and stop thinking too much about it. I started streaming on Twitch 2021, but I ended up having to quit due to some panic attacks I had during my lives. 
Now that I am doing better, I want to plan ahead and star probably when I move to my new place.

Her name is Hime Michi :) and that's all I can share so far. 
I made some logo for her, but it's not completely done. I will prep the files for her character and commission someone to do the rigging. I would love to learn how to rig, but to be honest I don't have the spare time to do so.... Knowing that, the character art is all I can provide. 

I also have to consume more Vtuber content, so please recommend me your fave!

I also have always been questioning which language I should do my streams in... My accent is so thick when I speak English, and Spanish is a bit more familiar to me. However, I live in the States;;;; 
I will soon share my "To do's" and my "wish" list for the stream with you.

I am now going to go! It's bed time and I'm half asleep.


6 comentarios:

  1. No sabía que dejaste de streamear por los ataques de pánico :( espero que estés en un tratamiento, nosotros los viewers también podemos apoyar entendiendo e informando

    1. Desde Octubre hasta los ultimos streams que hice no la pasaba nada bien. Ahora que he logrado controlar mas los ataques, siento mas ganas de volver XD

  2. Me encanta Hime Michi se ve muy linda y kawaii 🤩 ya quiero verla terminada

    1. Espero terminarla pronto y compartirla, aunque son varios pasos que me falta para estar contenta con su imagen. <3 Por aca andare pasando el proceso si o si :)

  3. Super fan de Hime Michi también.

    Yo sobre el stream no consumo pero creo que las comunidades en ambos idiomas son grandes. Si lo quieres hacer en english hay mucha gente con accento que le ha ido bien tb!!!

    1. Siempre he tenido ese dilema y al final termino con el contenido en espaniol XD porque siento mas identificada...


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