martes, 12 de octubre de 2021

Mental Health + Latest Hime Inspo


Sup?! I know it takes me forever to do something with my blog. All I have to say, it was easier updating a blog when I was a teenager. 

I've been looking into probably (and I would never say it lightly) being AD. I have not been diagnosed, but I have been going to the psychologist for quite some time now and I definitely struggle with depression and anxiety (officially). I am not going to make this into an awareness post or anything, but lately I have been struggling a lot to do everyday normal tasks. So I guess when I start new passion projects, the rest of my ideas and plans have to take the back seat. If I ever get officially diagnosed, it would make much sense a lot of things that I suffer from. 

To make this a bit more cheerful, my brain has being going a lot towards my dream wardrobe. I have mentioned before that I want to gravitate towards himegyaru and  himekaji as well. You see, that is my dream style... but I know it takes a lot of effort, time and energy. I easily fall into wearing the same things, because they feel safe. So probably, the smart thing to do is to ease the cute factor into my everyday instead of going all the way in.

(I want to try harder... way way harder than this...)

I read some tips on how to start making a small targeted closet, and I am gathering some basic pieces to mix and match. My first step was to gather a moodboard, and look for things that I already have in my wardrobe to go from there. Here's a bit of my board so far: 

I know there is more variety, but I am in love with the A-Line dress+soft cardigan combo ATM. So one of my first looks is definitely going to incorporate that♥ I have started shopping around in Mercari, and after I learned how to use JP Shopping instead of Buyee... my wallet hurts again.

So far I owe the following items:
1 Sleeveless Black Dress/1 Off shoulder black dress/ 1 Peach Sleeveless Dress/ AP Marie Disney Skirt/1 pink maid dress/Strapless Floral A-line dress/1 peasant white top/1 frilly white shirt/ 1 pair of pink pumps/ 1 pair of pink bow mules/ 1 pair of LL gels/pink crocs

Wish List:
Fluffy pink or white cardigan/Cream or white light cardigan/coat/Black Cardigan/Light pink purse/Half-wig/DoCoMo phone♥

Will keep updating my journey, until I reach a decent point where I use it often enough. For now it's a dream in progress♥

Have a lovely week!

XOXO- Kiwiitan

2 comentarios:

  1. Excited to see more of your hime journey and the looks to come from it!! 😍💖 Your look in this post is so cute 💖

  2. Aaa you look super cute!!!! I love this style on you♥ don't be so hard on yourself, productivity kinda comes in waves. What matters is you haven't given up on your passion (/^-^(^ ^*)/ ♡
    - Amiman♥


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