miércoles, 22 de junio de 2022

Retail Therapy Daiso Gets!


Today's update is about my shopping today. I went to work as usual and afterwards my sister and I went to eat to our favorite Japanese Dinner place. We had some beers, takoyaki, karage and I ordered soba since summer is here. 

After eating and chatting we went to Daiso to get some really needed shopping endorphins. I would say I'm doing good with my shopping, but I still needed the distraction.

Some microwave rice, which is actually good on a pinch. I have not tried this brand, but we will see if it's not too bad. I also love seaweed as a snack and since most of my coworkers enjoy this types of things I share with them too.

The Sanrio collection is getting out of hand... like I need everything every time I go into that isle.
I contained myself and got this heart cookie mold to do some clay and decoden with.
For my resin and journaling I got this tiny stickers.

Pooh is been lately on my radar since I went to Disneyland... Also, a picnic mat can be used many ways! I can't wait to organize a picnic and make cute snacks. Also it could double as a photo background...

Some puffy stickers for my gf. She loves Baymax so much!

For my personal care I got this cleanser from work, since I ran out and I like it so much. It's great and gentle with all skin types. I have been working with this project since 2019, so it would be nice to give it a recommendation boost. 

This is it for today....I'm so tired, but I look forward to posting in here. Now I'm off to fill in my journal entry....

Truth is things are never 100% okay, so I can give it my all and continue being resilient. I hope for everyone to have the strength to see tiny good things who are worth being here.  

I'll see you next time!


4 comentarios:

  1. La tienda era Daiso directamente? Aquí no existen pero hay superasiáticos que más o menos venden productos de importación -supercaros-.

    Ais la última nota...muchos ánimos <3

    1. Si, aca en California son mas comunes, de heho hay como 3 o cuatro en mi ciudad. En los Angeles tambien hay muchos al igual que otras tiendas japonesas y coreanas :)
      y muchas gracias por los animos <3

  2. Oh man I used to be the same way when I worked near a Daiso. I went almost everyday XD But those are some good gets! And I've had that rice before and it's not bad at all. It's soft and makes a good side when you need. Of course you can doctor it up if you want to but def not bad!
    Omg I need to find that cleanser. Does it say cruelty free? I've been looking for a good one for my type of skin ;_;
    Also hope you're doing well! ♥

    1. Yes, when I moved back to SoCal I went pretty often... we also have a "Donki"... of course it's not as filled with goodies like the ones in Japan.
      About the cleanser, it is made in Korea, crueltry free and vegan :) also really nice and gentle. https://11thwish.com/


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