jueves, 7 de julio de 2022

Adulting: Unlock All the Feels

(Illustrated by: Andra Hewitt)

Lately I have been more in control of my emotions. Additionally, I have come to the realization that life is gonna continue with or without me. It's bittersweet growing up, because I'm still that playful and youthful person who tries to not drown in bitterness. 

Since I started going to the psychiatrist, non-medicated therapy has also improved for me. For years I went to the same psychologist who gaslighted me and never gave me a diagnosis. For this, I have to say that like any relationship if it doesn't click let go. It took me 5 years and a series of scary episodes to finally act. I was super afraid of taking meds, but turns out I just needed a simple anti-anxiety pill to chill for a bit. I am still working on a diagnosis for a possible ADD, but it costs money and these times are tough lol. 

I realized that I have grew a lot since my B-day 2021. I see things differently and do not let bad feelings drive me mad. I'm overall more cool and collected, but I don't think it's 100% because of the drugs. I just keep reminding myself that the world won't stop for me, but I can stop for myself.

I wish you all to age with grace, regardless of what the world expects you to turn out to be. 



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  1. Que guay el dibujo! Muchos ánimos, yo siempre he sido pro-meds y si eso luego se verá! Y sí, los profesionales están pa ayudar, si no servía...byee!!! <3333


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