sábado, 9 de julio de 2022

Bits of Joy in the Mundane


My week was not too relevant in the social aspects, but work was interesting to say the least

I have many new projects to organize and even if it's stressful, it makes me feel fulfilled and excited. I get to challenge myself, and prove that I can totally do better in my position. Regardless of some things I don't enjoy, it's great to know I'm at least in the right path to gain experience.
I wake up and I still have the drive to take myself to the office and overall find joy in conversations with my coworkers.

My fave thing these days is this mango flavored Greek yogurt. It's sweet enough and doesn't leave that weird texture in your mouth 

For some reason yellow has been really present in my mind these days as well... 
Yellow can mean many things, but let's say that it's because I've been more optimistic lately.

This snack was good, I have been craving sweet lately and that is pretty rare for me. We like to share snacks everyday at work, so this time one of my coworkers got us this.

My hands end up looking like this all the time, it's part of my job description. Also, the main reason why I wear not so cute clothing to work. Functionality and comfort are key,  and I am not about to ruin my LL.

Then Friday after work we celebrated my mom's b-day with some seafood and beer. There are many breweries in San Diego, so we chose Thorn brewery which is in Barrio Logan. 

I had Thorn beer before, but in that place they had a bomb tamarind michelada.

Got some fish tacos and could only eat like one and some bites.

This foodtruck outside the brewery was incredible! Also, Baja style fish tacos are cheff's kiss!

Our micheladas with chamoy, it was seriously the perfect closing for a summer Friday.

I have been playing BTS Island, and it's pretty addictive.... Also started watching Bojack Horseman, and it hits too close to home in some of the issues. Generational trauma is no joke.

Soon I'll move out of this place, so I've been thinking about my new set up... might go back to streaming in Twitch once the dust settles.... We'll see what happens.

For now I'll go to get killed in Apex Legends.


3 comentarios:

  1. ¿Hay un juego de BTS y mis amigas no están jugando??

    Por otra parte el amarillo es un color que me encanta y a mí me da energía tb.

    PD: Yo comí tacos y me sentaron superfatal, casi poté al llegar a casa y estuve KO toda la tarde!

  2. I love yellow as a colour for positivity <3 it goes perfect with summer as well <3 those food and drinks look so delicious! perfect for a sunny day.

  3. Que tierno el empaque del snack *-* y que loco ese estilo de michelada con picante hahah debe ser una mezcla interesante,aunque yo prefiero la cerveza sola jajaj


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